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Wildlife Wednesday: Elephant Rescue in Kruger National Park

Elephant Rescue in Kruger National Park


Seeing an elephant is cool, getting to touch, interact and have a professional tell you all about them is awesome! In the US we have dog and cat rescues; in South Africa they have lion and elephant rescues. These elephants here were scheduled to be culled (shot) because Kruger National Park has an overpopulation issue. Lucky for them (and us), they were brought into one of the local orphanages and trained how to interact with people and be ambassadors for their species. As a wildlife guide, I find that people appreciate and understand an animal more when they have this kind of interaction, and then we go out and see the animal in the wild. – Adam Lackner, BrushBuck Wildlife Tours

Join us on an Africa Wildlife Safari to visit Kruger National Park on a 12 Day South African Safari Excursion.

Interacting with the Elephants in Kruger National Park



Adam Lackner
Adam Lackner
The backcountry is a place of enjoyment for this outdoorsman. Adam spent five years in the Marine Corps before heading for seasonal guiding positions in Alaska, Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Arizona, Mexico, and now Wyoming. “Being where the mountains are big keeps the complaints small!”
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