Denali National Park

Created in 1917, Denali National Park was the first of Alaska’s eight National Parks. While many National Parks were created to protect natural wonders, like the geysers and hot springs of Yellowstone, Denali National Park was created solely to protect wildlife and their natural habitat. Denali encompasses just over six million acres of Alaska wilderness making it the third largest National Park in the country.

Today 39 mammal species call Denali home, including Denali’s Big Five: Moose, the largest member of the deer family; Caribou, with the largest antlers to body size in the animal kingdom; Dall’s Sheep, the wild white sheep of the north; Wolf, an animal that’s entire existence is emblematic of wilderness; and of course the fan favorite Grizzly Bear. The best way to observe these animals in their natural habitat is by getting on a bus and venturing deep into Denali on the Denali Park Road.

Although Denali is nearly three times the size of Yellowstone, it only has a single road that winds its way through a tapestry of forest and tundra, providing spectacular views of the Alaska range. The Denali Park road was initially constructed as a wildlife viewing corridor, but with careful consideration for how to give visitors the best possible views of the landscape as well. The Denali Park Road is only accessible through the bus system, put in place in the early 1970’s in an effort to balance access and preservation.

Included in your BrushBuck Adventure, will be a bus tour into Denali National Park on the famed Denali Park Road. This will be your opportunity to get an up close view of the wildlife and wilderness that makes Denali world renown! Your bus ride will begin at a relatively low elevation and give you a superb view of the Boreal Forest. It is in this habitat that the giants of the north roam: the mighty Moose. The Alaska Yukon Moose is the largest of the four subspecies in North America. Moose found here can tip the scales at over 1600 pounds and have an antler spread of six and a half feet wide.

As you continue on the Park Road you will begin to gain elevation taking you above treeline. Due to its northern location and proximity to the Arctic Circle, only about 200 miles south, it doesn’t take long to get above the treeline in Denali. Once there you will enjoy the beautiful wide open vistas of the Alpine Tundra ecosystem. This is a great area to view the other charismatic mammals of Denali like the wolf, caribou, and grizzly bear. These animals find refuge in wide open spaces. It is in this landscape that you will also have an opportunity to see The Mountain.

Denali is the Highest point on our continent. At an elevation of 20,310’ it is unmatched in North America. The Mountain is often considered the Crown Jewel of The Park but in many opinions it is truly the Crown Jewel of Alaska.

While in The Park you will be given ample opportunities to view the mountain from the bus, but with its massive size it creates its own weather system which can make Denali an elusive sight. To see Denali is an experience in and of itself. No other National Park in the country offers the verticality of Denali with the lowest part of the park at 240’ above sea level then shooting up to the top of the Mountain at 20,310’. That’s over 20,000’ of vertical change just within the boundaries of the park.

Denali National Park is a special place just waiting to show you the wilds of Alaska and with BrushBuck Tours we know you will have an experience of a lifetime!

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