With its snow-capped mountains, plunging valleys, and wide diversity of plant and animal life, Grand Teton National Park is 310,000 acres of awe and wonder. Situated along Northwestern Wyoming’s Teton Range, this breathtaking landscape provides plenty of opportunities for nature gazing, wildlife viewing, bird watching, hiking, camping, relaxation, and learning about our nation’s abundant natural resources and rich history.

There’s plenty to do and see in Grand Teton National Park, but these sites should definitely be part of your trip.


Don’t leave Grand Teton National Park before witnessing the magnificence of Snake River Range, a stunning natural wonder featuring 10 towering mountains, the tallest of which is an impressive 10,025 feet. Bordered by the winding Snake River, the Snake River Range is perfect for photographers, hikers, and nature lovers.


Step back into history with a visit to these 18th century Mormon settlement farms, which feature intact barns, fields, corrals, and drainage systems. This area is of special interest to history and architecture lovers, but nature fans will be impressed by the herds of bison that often make an appearance.


Have you ever seen a herd of wild elk in its natural habitat? If not, you need to stop over at National Elk Refuge in Jackson, Wyoming. The expansive habitat provides a home to the Jackson Elk Herd and other endangered animals, fish, and birds. If you love hunting, fishing, nature photography, or just watching wildlife, you’ll love National Elk Refuge.


Autumn landscape in Grand Tetons national park near Jackson lake

Situated at an elevation of 6,772 feet, Jackson Lake is one of the highest altitude lakes in the United States. It’s also one of the most beautiful, as it is surrounded by its guardians, the Grand Teton Mountains, and features a shoreline and islands full of prime trails and camping sites. If you love to fish, take your rod and reel to Jackson Lake, which is always teeming with trout and whitefish.


Universally recognized as one of the most scenic locations within Grand Teton National Park, Oxbow Bend is situated along a tract of the Snake River Range. Though turning leaves make this area particularly beautiful in the fall, its natural beauty is stunning at any time of the year. Oxbow Bend is also a prime location for wildlife, including playful river otters, massive grizzly bears, and muscular moose.


Take in the beauty of the entire Teton Range and Snake River from this lookout point, which is isolated from and taller than the surrounding peaks. You can access Signal Mountain’s observation area by car or hiking trail.


Have you ever seen a moose close up? You probably will when you head over to Moose Junction, an observation area that moose are known to frequent. The area also features many other locations of interest, such as the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center and famous restaurant Dornan’s Chuckwagon.

Whether you’re interested in photography, water sports, hiking, hunting, or history, Grand Teton National Park is calling you to come make memories and get in touch with nature.

BrushBuck Wildlife Tours offers a variety of Grand Teton Tours tailored around the seasons to maximize your wildlife sighting opportunities and overall experience. Explore the rich natural and human history of Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park and visit the sites featured in this list.

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