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BrushBuck Wildlife Tours is now a worldwide tour provider, offering unique adventure vacations in Yellowstone National Park, Alaska, South Africa,  Botswana, Kenya, and Tanzania. As a wildlife centric tour operator,  our adventures are selected based on their abundance wildlife and intact ecosystems.  From the base of Mt. McKinley to the awesome wonder of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Brushbuck Tours provides a life changing view of our world and its natural beauty.


Alaska Multiday Tours

Alaska Homer to Denali 7 Day Tour

Alaska: Homer to Denali 7 Day Adventure

Our 7 day Homer to Denali tour centers around wildlife viewing at Denali National Park and exploring several of Alaska’s charming small towns.

Alaska Wrangell St. Elias 7 Day Adventure

Alaska Wrangell St. Elias 7 Day Adventure

Our Ocean Wildlife to Interior Wilderness Adventure is an extensive 11-day experience designed to give you an in-depth look at the landscapes, wildlife, and natural features across Alaska.

Alaska: Ocean Wildlife to Interior Wilderness Adventure

Alaska: Ocean Wildlife to Interior Wilderness Adventure

Our Wrangell-St. Elias 7 Day Adventure focuses on providing unique experiences and activities in two of Alaska’s most popular National Parks and beyond.

Africa Multiday Tours

Botswana 11-Day Adventure

Botswana – Okavango Delta to Victoria Falls Eleven Day Adventure!

Join us for an 11 day adventure into Africa for wildlife, culture, and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world, Victoria Falls!

Leopard in Sabie Sand Game Reserve

Kenya & Tanzania 9 Day Tour

Join BrushBuck Wildlife Tours on a 9 day wildlife viewing adventure in Kenya & Tanzania!

South Africa 12 Day Safari Excursion

South Africa To Victoria Falls Adventure

BrushBuck Wildlife Tours has “jumped the pond” to take our guests on a truly unique and amazing 12 Day safari to South Africa!

South Africa Vacation

South Africa Vacation

BrushBuck Wildlife Tours will take you on a journey of a lifetime on our 12 Day South Africa Vacation Tour.

Grand Teton & Yellowstone Multiday Tours

Yellowstone / Grand Teton National Parks 2 day / 1 night Wildlife Adventure

BrushBuck Wildlife Tours two day tour of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks is a great way to get the “lay of the land” while visiting the vast Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem!

Yellowstone / Grand Teton National Parks 4 Day / 3 Night Wildlife Adventure

Yellowstone / Grand Teton National Parks 4 Day Tour: Our four day tour will whisk you out and into these two magnificent parks for a three day journey!

Winter Wolf Tour 5 Day / 4 Night Yellowstone Adventure

Join BrushBuck Wildlife Tours for an all inclusive 5 Day / 4 Night Adventure through Yellowstone National Park during the winter!

4 Day / 3 Night Grand Teton & Yellowstone Winter Adventure

Join BrushBuck Wildlife Tours in Jackson, WY on a 4 Day and 3 Night winter adventure tour in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park.

Nebraska Sandhill Crane Migration Tour

The Great Sandhill Crane Migration

The Great Sandhill Crane Migration  – Join us as we chase the Great Sandhill Crane Migration in Kearney Nebraska!

  • Ashley was our guide through Yellowstone. She was friendly, personable and extremely knowledgeable!!! She not only pointed out wildlife but then she told you all about them - their habitat, what they eat, how they mate, etc. We had an geology lesson throughout the day - very enlightening! So glad we booked with BrushBuck and not through our resort - they wanted twice the price!!! This guided trip was worth every penny!!! Oh and the picnic lunch was delicious!!!
    5/5 Stars

    Erika S San Diego, California
  • Our guide Steve, put us on Bison, Coyotes, several thousand Elk, Bighorn Sheep, Swans, Golden Eye Ducks, Mallards, and we got to about 40 yards from a Boone & Crockett Shiras Moose. We saw lots of other Moose bulls and cows and calves, but the B&C bull was spectacular. Then we saw 2 grey wolves wich was a big bonus as they are not always easy to find. Steve is very knowledged about the wildlife and the habitat. We had a great time. This is a must do tour. Wildlife are where you find them. They are not always where you go and this region is very large. Thanks Brush Buck, we will be back.

    Great Time
  • I read previous reviews on Brushbuck tours and booked a day of the lower loop tour in Yellowstone. Our guide Adam and the tour itself exceeded my expectations! Of course I first met with resistance from my husband who claimed we could do it better on our own. We never would have seen or learned as much as we did about the wildlife and natural aspects of Yellowstone. To start, the park is gigantic. Adam knew exactly where the wildlife would most likely be found and he knew the sites that most tourists would want to see. You may think $700+ is a steep price to pay for a family of four for one day in the park, but we were chauffered in a Brushbuck SUV from site to site, fed a wonderful lunch of grilled Bison burgers by a scenic creek, and taught all about the animals and sites we were seeing. Most impressive was the equipment that Adam brought along. He brought along telescopes which he set up to site in the coyote, wolf, elk, moose, bison, mule deer, osprey and eagles we were fortunate to see. Adam was attentive and thoughtful and loaded with trivia facts. He catered to our kids, 8 and 10 years old, and made sure we had a mid-afternoon stop for ice crea, before seeing Old Faithful. This day was the highlight of our trip and a wonderful experience. We will be back next summer to bring my parents so that they can experience it as well. Thanks Adam!! And good luck with your next venture...we will be anxiously awaiting to hear word on it!

    Exceeded Expectations
  • Greg took my family (my husband, myself, and our two adult "children," ages 24 and 22) throughout the Tetons the first day and the lower loop of Yosemite the second day. We had to power vacation since we had only a few days to see the most we could. Greg didn't disappoint. We loved being able to kick back and enjoy the scenery with a knowledgable, well informed guide. I would recommend BrushBuck Wildlife Tours to anyone going to Wyoming.

    Karen San Diego, CA
  • ...personal attention to our requests. The cookout on the grill was the envy of everyone in the area. Next time we will be sure to book your services far in advance as I am sure your reputation will be number one in the area.

    The Watsons Texas
  • To sum it up - incredible tour and service. Ezra, our guide was professional, friendly and most of all an excellent guide to Yellowstone National Park. Our main focus was the north end in search of wildlife - this tour did not disappoint. The locations shown were abundant with wildlife yet also great for photos. We were also shown other areas that were not productive on that tour, however they were extremely productive over the following two days. Wolf, the elusive Yellowstone Moose as well as Rocky Mountain Goats were all at sights that were explored during our tour.

    Joseph T. South Carolina
  • This is the way to go! Early morning and late afternoon are when you see the animals and it was particularly awesome seeing them from the Safari vehicle. Adam was our guide and we rally enjoyed is friendliness and knowledge of the wildlife and the Jackson Hole area. We would not hesitate to tour with Brushbuck again.
    5/5 Stars

    Sandy P San Diego, California
  • Our hotel recommended BrushBuck when we were looking for a wildlife tour. Our guide Polly could not have been more knowledgeable and accommodating. She took us to remote places that we never could have found on our own, and even brought along lots of great snacks. We saw herds of bison, coyote and antelope. Polly brought along super powerful binoculars and a stand, and when we saw something great she would set it up so we could watch for as long as we wanted. She has a well-trained eye, so she saw lots of animal action we would have missed. At one point Polly spotted a coyote hunting a herd of antelope, trying to make breakfast out of an antelope baby. We sat and watched the hunt, mesmerized for at least half and hour. We were prepared to leave if the coyote was successful, because we didn't want to witness THAT much nature, but amazingly the alpha female ultimately chased the coyote away. Talk about spell-bound drama. Our morning with BrushBuck & Polly was definitely the highlight of our Jackson Hole trip.

    Timber L Boston, Massachusetts
  • Our group of seven ladies enjoyed a day of touring with Jim. We took the Game Drive adventure and thoroughly enjoyed the dawn and dusk trips. Jim, our guide, was terrific. His knowledge of the area and the wildlife was evident and we saw bison, moose, pronghorns, elk, deer, coyote, and several species of birds. He took us to several excellent scenic view points as well. The area is breathtakingly beautiful! The BBQ dinner was a cool way to end the tour. We know Jim really provided us with more than our money's worth on this great adventure.

    Joan Fredericksburg Virginia
  • “Best African Safari Adventure!” We had the best African vacation with Adam of BrushBuck! Cape Town hiking Table Mountain & eating on the Victoria Wharf was fabulous. Can't say enough good things about touring Seal Island with Appex and cage diving with the great whites. Loved the wine country & seeing Good Hope and the penguins too. Heading to the bush in Sabie Sands and onto Kruger was a breeze with the set ups we had. We say all the big 5 numerous times & much more. Victoria Falls was spectacular. All of our transfers, lodging and food were top notch. Can't wait to go again!

    African Adventure
  • “One of the most amazing tours I've ever been on, and I've traveled all over the world”
    5/5 Stars

    Cindy G. League City, Texas
  • ...Again, thank you for the best vacation ever!

    J. Claridge & H. Lackner Arizona
  • I was a bit afraid to book a full day tour in Yellowstone with ANY company because I have two small children aged 4 and 7 and my 80 year old mum was along as well. Our guide, Chris, was stupendous!! He was able to connect with our children from the start of the safari and kept that connection throughout the whole day. He made the day fun for them by doing little things to keep their attention and involvement in the tour i.e. making sure they were the "first" to spot wildlife and including a much-needed ice cream stop in the middle of a very hot day. Chris was also very attentive to my mum's needs as well. He made sure to get her as close to each stop as possible first and only then he would park the vehicle. He always made sure to anounce each and every loo coming up! VERY thoughtful! I am only listing a couple of examples but his thoughtfulness and professionalism throughout the day is what I'm getting at... I wasn't sure which tour I wanted to take but the company's office staff really helped point me in the right direction. I booked understanding that there is no guarantee of seeing a bear or wolf but Chris was able to show our family both! I cannot thank him enough for that lifetime memory of the American West. The overall tour was streamlined to be personal and professional. Smart looking vehicle, prompt pickup at my hotel, wonderful picnic lunch in Yellowstone, and extremely knowledgable guide made for an amazing, carefree holiday for my family and self.

    Karen H. Leicester, United Kingdom
  • Booked a Winter Wolf and Wildlife 4 day adventure, and saw wolves every day of the tour, in Teton and also in Yellowstone (4 different packs). We are both very physically active and the guides adapted the tour for us, for example, snowshoeing at a good pace, and also walking/hiking through the snow to get a better viewpoint to see the wildlife in the area. The knowledge and the information shared by the guides was awesome. During the tour, we stayed in very nice hotels/cottages, and got to eat in amazing restaurants, where we had a chance to sample some of the animals we had seen throughout the day (Elk steak is delicious, bison is great too). One of the highlights of the trip was seeing three wolves howling to each other, and then a few hours later seeing a bald eagle and golden eagle battling over an elk carcass. The snow coach trip from the south entrance of Yellowstone to Old Faithful Snow Lodge is a ride you will not soon forget. (Moose Falls in a winter wonderland). Thanks again to our guides, Adam and Ezra, for an unforgettable Christmas vacation.
    5/5 Stars

    a TripAdvisor user Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • ...I received your thank you card. Very nice touch to an already stellar experience!

    W. Reese Nebraska
  • Taking this wildlife tour was one of the best decisions we made on our trip to Jackson Hole. Ashley, our tour guide was friendly and great at finding wildlife. We learned more from her than we could have reading many wildlife books. We saw areas we would not have seen with beautiful scenery and different wild animals. Honestly, we cannot wait to this again. The buffalo burger cookout was the best!!! I would recommend this tour company to all. Thanks for a wonderful day, Ashley.

    Ashley From
  • It's been two months since our trip to Yellowstone, but we've been meaning to post a review for BrushBuck. They were fantastic! We did two days with them, and had a different guide each day. Unfortunately the name of our first day guide escapes me at this moment, but he was fantastic (and much better than one we had from another company the previous day). The next day we had Bud, and he was Fantastic with a capital F! Knowledgeable, enthusiastic, personable .. everything you could want in guide. BrushBuck gets our family's highest recommendation.

    Ed Klonsky Vancouver, B.C.
  • We took a 10-12 hour Yellowstone wildlife photo tour. Our guide, Clint, spotted more distant wildlife with the naked eye than we could have imagined, and had binoculars whose optics exceeded our cameras' telephoto zoom lenses. And the close-in spottings were many; multiple bison herds crossing the road between cars, oblivious to our presence, and so close we had to dial back the camera lenses. There were four Brushbuck guides in contact with each other that day, advising each other of conditions to warrant a visit to specific park locations (or not)... The four private tours met up at lunch and enjoyed relaying experiences before going our separate ways for the day. As we exited the park for the evening, Clint spotted a male elk challenge, and we stopped to watch the dominant buck bugling and posturing to the smaller male, as four female elk lay in the rushes near a river. We would definitely recommend this company; very professional and accommodating.

    Sharon W. Lansdowne, Virginia
  • My husband and I recently visited Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons National Park with our daughter and her boyfriend. On our first full day in Jackson we went on a sunrise tour of GTNP and even though it was rainy and chilly, we were able to see much of the park and to our delight, quite a few wild animals, including several moose, which was such a treat. Our guide, Steve, was so knowledgeable, and soooo patient, answering all the many questions we midwesterners had (thanks again, Steve!!). He provided a wonderful tour of the park/wildlife and shared a lot of wonderful informationn about the park and the area in general The time just flew by! We can't wait to visit Jackson and GTNP again soon and will be sure to take an even longer tour with Brushbuck next time!

    B. Black Indiana
  • My wife and I participated in a daylong tour of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks in late May, 2017. Our tour guide was excellent and was able to show us a good deal of wildlife, including both Grizzly and black bears, moose, bison and many others. The tour, which included lunch, was a very rewarding experience and I would recommend it to anyone interested in seeing the parks without having to drive.
    5/5 Stars

    Vince M. Chicago, Illinois
  • My husband and I along with my parents took the BrushBuck evening Safari and we had an amazing trip. The guides are so knowledgeable and friendly we couldn't have had a better day. We saw so many animals and were able to take lots of pictures that we will have to reflect back on for many years to come. The spotting scope was an added plus the detail you could see on the animals was just incredible. We learned so much!! We would defiantly recommend BrushBuck. Thanks again for a great day!!

    Debbie C Vincennes, Indiana
  • To sum it up - incredible tour and service. Ezra, our guide was professional, friendly and most of all an excellent guide to Yellowstone National Park. Our main focus was the north end in search of wildlife - this tour did not disappoint. The locations shown were abundant with wildlife yet also great for photos. We were also shown other areas that were not productive on that tour, however they were extremely productive over the following two days. Wolf, the elusive Yellowstone Moose as well as Rocky Mountain Goats were all at sights that were explored during our tour. You can not see Yellowstone in 1 day, or in fact 3 days, however with the help of a knowledgeable guide and the prime locations that he showed us, the tour was a pleasure and immensely enjoyable. There are other guide services for the Yellowstone Area; however for great service, outstanding guides and a pleasurable outing, Brushbuck is great!

    Joseph T. Little River, South Carolina
  • Exciting and relaxing from pickup to drop off. Kris was the best!

    M. Scott Florida
  • Many, many thanks for the wonderful wildlife adventure tour. Not only did we see beautiful animals in the wild, but we learned about then from our knowledgeable guide, Levi. The safari vehicle was definitely the way to go. Thanks again!
    5/5 Stars

    Karen, Adam & Cindie New Jersey
  • We had 2 private tours with Brushbuck...4 hour tour of Tetons and a 12 hour tour of the Upper Loop at Yellowstone. Both Polly and Clint were wonderful tour guides. They were on time, very accommodating and extremely knowledgeable about the area. Our 2 kids, ages 9 and 10 were extremely comfortable asking t=questions and bonded with them quickly. We were not rushed at all. Clint went out of his way to take us out to lunch to one of his favorite spots. We would never have been able to see nearly the sights and experience Yellowstone without his presence. He was exceptional and I would highly recommend using him as a guide for the park. I would not hesitate to recommend Brushbuck for your tour guide company. I have over 1500 pictures because of the amazing places we went and the different wildlife we saw. Thanks again!

    Lori E Clarksburg, Maryland
  • Tim and I had a great time in Wyoming with Adam and Ezra. You made the trip special with your passion and knowledge of the area and animals. We will highly recommend you to anyone going to Yellowstone.

    D. Cranston Texas
  • My wife and I signed up for BrushBuck’s Sandhill Crane tour. We give an enthusiastic thumb’s up to BrushBuck. They are easy to work with and planning went smoothly. Adam L., one of the BrushBuck owners was our head guide during the tour. Sarah was his assistant. Additional guides included Duane and Adam B. Every guide was incredibly knowledgeable, personable and fun. A special thank you to Duane on the last morning for the coffee while viewing the cranes. The mornings were early and cold and his coffee and hot chocolate were life savers. Outstanding customer service and care by Adam L. and his team. The tour itself was really interesting: we saw parts of the country we had never seen, met fascinating people and watched some incredible birds. In addition, the jeep tour and picnic lunch by the creek at the Switzer Ranch was a highlight of the tour. We are looking forward to taking another wildlife adventure tour with BrushBuck in the future.
    5/5 Stars

    A TripAdvisor User Chicago, Illinois
  • We booked our snowmobile tour through BrushBuck and were super happy with the whole experience. They are so friendly and knowledgeable. Can't wait to come back next year! 5/5 Stars

    Clark A. Kansas City, MO
  • We did the 4-day/3-night Yellowstone / Grand Teton national parks wildlife adventure with Howie from BrushBuck. Howie is an exceptional guide. He knows the animals and the land very well, has an uncanny knack for spotting exciting animal events, and goes out of his way to make sure his guests have a good time. We highly recommend working with Howie and Brushbuck!
    5/5 Stars

    S K Kansas City, Kansas
  • ...We did the "Highlights" tour with Adam last Wednesday and had a wonderful time. I am really glad we found your service and will recommend you to all our friends...

    R. Brown Texas
  • The tour guide picked us up at our hotel on time and was very courteous and charming. She was very personable and extremely knowledgeable regarding both areas we visited. She made great suggestions as to where to visit first to see the animals. She was spot on every place. If we ever get back to the area again, we will definitely book BrushBuck!!
    5/5 Stars

    Barbara R. Dallas, Texas
  • My husband and I took the the Dusk Wildlife Tour recently and would do it again. Adam was a fantastic tour guide and very knowledgeable about local wildlife and where to find them. It was well worth the cost. We would have never found so many animals on our own. Thank you Adam.
    5/5 Stars

    MVSanders Simpsonville, South Carolina
  • Our 'dream' vacation to Jackson Hole was wonderful much in part to Amber's expertise in taking us to see the animals and beautiful mountains. We were thrilled to see so many moose!
    5/5 Stars

    The Dempseys Kentucky
  • We loved our excursion to Yellowstone. Clint, our guide, was not only very knowledgeable, but he became "best friends" with our children - important when you're taking them on a 10-12 hour tour. He was terrific at spotting wildlife. And the cookout lunch was definitely worth it. We had six in our party and chose the 11-passenger van, which gave us room to spread out, key when the day is that long.
    5/5 Stars

    Monique W New York City, New York
  • We took the 4 day 3 night tour of Yellowstone in late August. Everything was great! Our guide, Mike, provided us with information about each area that we passed through and stopped at. He could spot the wildlife that none of us would see at first. We had a full van of 10 people who started as strangers, but felt like family by the third day. We saw pronghorn, elk, mule deer, eagle, osprey, river otters, pelicans (yes, I said pelicans), coyote and beautiful scenery at every turn. I have some wonderful memories and great photos of this adventure. We will definitely book this tour again.
    5/5 Stars

    Steven R. Houston, Texas
  • We had just one day to see as much of Yellowstone as possible and Clint made sure that we didn't miss a thing! He couldn't have been more accommodating, informative, friendly and professional. If anyone is thinking of saving a few bucks and driving around in a hire car its a false economy - don't waste your time and money! - it will be like watching the world in 2D black and white! Clint brings all of the colour, history and science to the experience to make for a full colour 3d experience that we will certainly never forget.

    Martin S London, United Kingdom
  • We wanted to say thank you both for the fantastic tours. They were everything that we had hoped they would be and more!

    F. Keene Florida
  • What an amazing experience! We took the 4 day winter tour in yellowstone and grand teton with Brushbuck in early December. Our guide was SO knowledgeable and friendly and made the whole trip a blast. We will certainly come back and book another trip with Brushbuck!
    5/5 Stars

    Kenneth H. Cary, NC
  • The whole tour was GREAT! Amber and Ezra took us on a wonderful 4 day journey through the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and Cody, Wyoming. We would recommend your tour services to everyone. Thanks for the wonderful memories.
    5/5 Stars

    M. Carter Georgia
  • There is absolutely no better way to witness yellowstone during winter! Highy recommend taking a snowcoach tour up to Old Faithful. The whole family had a blast we can't wait to do it again next year.
    5/5 Stars

    Hunter T. Seattle, WA
  • ...Once again, I speak for all of us when I say that our tour with you guys was the  highlight of our time out in Yellowstone. Keep up the great work.

    J. Shepley & Family Connecticut
  • We'd like to thank you for a great day. Our day in Yellowstone was more than we expected and we had an awesome time!

    Martin Family California
  • My second trip to Jackson, WY and second time booking with BrushBuck was just as great as the first! We requested Howie again this year and he did not let us down. He is a wealth of information. I can not imagine anyone knowing more about the wolf packs than he does. We had such a great time we booked another trip for the second day. I highly recommend BrushBuck Wildlife Tours.

    The Hovas Family
  • Our family of 5 (2 adults, 3 children ages 1, 5, and 7) booked a last-minute Christmas vacation to Jackson Hole. We didn't plan anything in advance and were lucky to get a tour booked with Brushback guides. They even let my 1 year old go for FREE (much appreciated)! We saw many animals but my favorite was the bighorn sheep. What a treat to see such a pretty animal so close! My childrens favorites were the moose and the 1 wolf we were able to see. How the guide spotted that wolf, I have no idea, but he did and we were all very impressed! Thanks for a memorable vacation experience! We'll be back again! Visited December 2011

    Last Minute Christmas Vacation
  • Many people say, "If I could give more than 5 stars I would." This could never be more appropriate than with the experience we had with BrushBuck Wildlife Tours. We had a last minute hiccup with one of our other tours, and Amber went over-and-above to arrange a Grand Teton Dusk 4 Hour Tour for us. Our guide, Neil, was incredible. His knowledge of, and passion for, the wildlife in Jackson Hole was evident throughout the trip. There are not enough good things that I can say about this company. I would more than highly recommend them for anyone looking for an incredible adventure. A definite "2 Thumbs Up!"
    5/5 Stars

    a TripAdvisor User Lantana, Florida
  • Neither of us had ever been to Yellowstone so we didn't have a clue where to go or wha to see so a tour was the obvious choice. We got an early morning start (6 am) because we were told that this was the best time to see the wildlife. We were NOT disappointed! We saw bison, elk, wolves and bears (and a variety of birds). This never would have been possible without Bud. He knew exactly where to take us.

    Jennifer M. Salt Lake City, UT